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Gray – Orange



DaFiN is a long-time supporter of professional lifesaving and the sport of surfing. We are honored to be recognized as the official swim fin of the World Surf League and proud to bring you the signature WSL x DaFiN colorway.

WSL is the governing body for professional surfers and organizes more than 150 events across seven categories worldwide every year. In recognition of the important role professional lifesaving plays in the sport of surfing, proceeds from the WSL fin will benefit the water patrol groups that make WSL tours possible.

Mark Cunningham Signature Fin

Zak Noyle Signature Fins

Ocean Blue

NSLA Black-Red

Green CAMO

Brian Keaulana Signature Fins

Brian Keaulana Gold

Brian Keaulana is a renowned waterman whose life’s work has been in the ocean as an ocean rescue specialist and safety instructor, professional surfer, big-wave rider and tandem surfing world champion. Whether he is managing water safety for big wave surfing or stunt coordination, Brian relies on DaFiN to give him the strength, speed, agility, flexibility and endurance to avoid danger in the ocean.



Kai Blue

Ha’a Keaulana Signature Fins

Ha’a Shave Ice

Ha’a Country Road

Coming from an epic lineage of watermen, Ha’a Keaulana has made her own mark in the surf photography world. Offering a different perspective on traditional surf images, Ha’a captures a unique side of ocean photography from a woman’s view.

Aka Lyman Signature Fins

Aka Kapakahi Red

Aka Kapakahi Blue