DaFin/Kicks – Warranty Replacement

We guarantee our product and will replace any defective fin if within the terms of our warranty.

LIMITED WARRANTY: DaFiN Surfing Products guarantees this product will be free of defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser for purchases made from an authorized dealer and is not transferable. This warranty is limited to replacement only of any swim fin found to be defective in materials or workmanship or the replacement of any swim fin that suffers a broken heel strap or blade through normal and proper usage, provided the owner has properly maintained the product, for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.

Please note proper instructions for putting on your fins.
1. Fins/feet should be wet.
2. Hold fin by side rails with both hands.
3. Slide foot all the way into pocket until toes reach the end.
4. Pull strap over heel.

DO NOT put your foot just slightly into the pocket and attempt to pull the fin on the rest of the way by stretching the strap over your heel to force your foot into the pocket. This is the cause of most broken straps. A broken strap caused by this practice is not covered under warranty.

To make a claim for replacement under our warranty please send the following information to sales@dafin.com:
· Description of defect and any other pertinent information.
· Size/Color.
· Where and when purchased.
· Digital photos of the defective fin including bottom side of the fin showing all identifying markings and imprints.

We may request the return of the defective fin in which case we will send you a pre-paid shipping label to use to return the fins to us. However, in most cases, digital photos are all that we need.

If replacement is authorized we will send you a digital coupon code which you can use on our website to order a replacement fin at no cost. You pay only shipping.

M A H A L O !